Sanatan Vedic Counseling


On line Counseling or telephonic discussions can be done with prior appointments and are complimentary for Now. Home visits are with prior appointment.

PS: Any one who doesn’t afford to pay should feel free to get this counseling free of cost and should not at all hesitate to contact or communicate.

Please do not hesitate For any clarifications

Please feel free to contact-9811022308


This is a methodology which is based on Sanatan Vedic methods and may help not only in

·         coming out of stress,

·         anger,agony, depression, anxiety, aggression, mental and physical illnesses but also helps in improving strained relationships,

·         Developing positive thoughts and actions

·         Healthy mind

·         Healthy stress free heart and body

·         May help children and Adults

·         This counseling May also help everyone for their  whole life to practice Right things, thoughts and ideas and also How to forgo painful past and undesired thoughts

·         This counseling may also helps in learning the True knowledge , values and helps in the implementation without any stress.

·         This counseling may also help in having better relationships not only with relatives , society but also with all mighty God.

·         This Methodology may also help in making everyone disciplined and responsible towards their duties by knowing and practicing them.

·         Last but not the least a Good character can be a Good personality and This counseling may nurture the person to Groom his personality by knowing the forgotten Aims and let them achieve the same Aims of their lives


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