हर घर गुरुकुल -Har Ghar Gurukul


As in these days life become fast and people specially the new young generation , coming up generation are leaving behind their values, morals, ethics, ETC.


Who is responsible-: WE OR Our Education System OR BOTH ???
Please Think.......

1. We all have already lost our Sanatan Gurukuls, and We as a Trust can make people enable to create there own house As a GURUKUL, and the knowledge Medium will be our Sanatan Granths and shastras.

2. By Gods grace We as a Trust are providing all the Ved , Up Ved, Puran,  Upnishads, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagwat geeta, Shri Vidhya, Vedant, Vedang, Manusamriti,Ayurved, Charak sahinta,  books related to  environment conservation, etc  and other EPIC Sanatan Granths in PDF soft copies , MP3 Audio files through our web site www.sanatangurukul.org  with a FREE  down load facility, for any one, for everyone, No direct or indirect donations are accepted for any downloads.

3. The objective of the Trust is not only to just learn the things but also to enable the World to practice the same in there real life which may not only give a good [physical healthy life but also a good healthy mental life with tried and tested proven therapies
This will also help in creating a Happy , Healthy and ADHYATAMIC World.

4. हर घर गुरुकुल Course has presently designed following curriculum

A. Sanskar- swadhaya
B. Arogayam - Ayurved
C. Adhyatam - Atam Gyan

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries at-9811022308
and you may also write us at-ssanatangurukul@gmail.com

PS: Dear Concern please feel free to refer any under privilege person who does not afford the course fees but willing to get the knowledge of the हर घर गुरुकुल Course, as we have a special provision for these Gentries.



  • If practice with discipline This हर घर गुरुकुल Course will not only benefit with health, wealth, peace but also may benefits to know our ethical, moral,social duties and responsibilities towards, We, Family, Society, Nation, World and the foremost towards the All Mighty God.
  • हर घर गुरुकुल Course will guide us know how we can serve the NATURE, THE PANCH TATVA and how the PANCH TATVA, THE NATURE Blesses us.
  • Importance of SANATAN Sanskriti and how this can be helpful in making a good character, good human being.
  • This will also guide us to KNOW ourselves instead knowing I or others.
  • This methodology will guide us to get rids from myths.
  • Help parents in parenting and learning.
  • Helps children in learning.
  • Prevention is better than cure and this हर घर गुरुकुल Course will be taking care by caring.
  • Nurturing Souls
  • Wordly Benefits may be counted but Parlokik benefits are countless.
ANS- Please fill the Registration form on the Web site with all your family members details and we will get back to you on your preferred time being shared by your good self.
IN This हर घर गुरुकुल Course, we will guide you creating GURUKUL at your house.
GURUKUL is a place which will provide TRUE knowledge, via SANATAN Granths, as TRUE knowledge is the POWER.
We may seek your present mandir space or any space where we all can sit together and by Gods grace, rest we will take care.
Only All mighty Lord SHIV can explain this, however, SANATAN means नित्य-शाश्वत वर्तमान, नवीन-आधुनिक, पुरातन- पौराणिक, ना जिसका आदि ना जिसका आदि, ना अंत, जिसका नाम शिव जिसका अर्थ कल्याण, जिसका अर्थ ही कल्याण हे उस सनातन परमात्मा शिव को आत्मा से नमस्कार हे!
Lord Vishnu is Jagat Guru, who guides everyone will guide us through our SATYA SANATAN GRANTHS.
After your registration, and our tele conversation, We a team of aprox 03 persons will come at your place and start the induction program.
This Induction program will induct the participants of the family members opted for the said हर घर गुरुकुल Course with the SANATAN PADDATI and includes {one time} Jyotish, Your House Vastu, and will follows havan, Nav Greh Shanti path with Rudra Abhishek by Brahmins and guidance of curriculum By our mentors, according to SANATAN PADDATI. Brief Counselling Session of Parents and Children is also a major part of this Induction.
Please do not worry, we will share the two days interim curriculum on the day of induction which will make the optimum utilisation for the said period.
We will share the SANATAN PADDATI, which will enable all of you to learn and practice the same.
IF You have Shradha, Bhakti, dedication with samarpan then its Saral.
Daily you all need to spend minimum 60 mins with self discipline as per the Sanatan Paddati.
Any one eldest or the most Keen person in your family will monitor and on daily basis will interact with us for the updation, discussions and queries{if any}, this phenomena will be a part of discipline.
YES. There will be weekly, Monthly, quaterly and final reviews by our visits These reviews are known as Gyan Yagya.
After paying the fees you need not to pay any charges or fees except if you require any other course or service or addition of any other family member.
The fees will be shared after registration at your registered mobile number.


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