About Us

Who we are?

SANATAN GURUKUL is a REGISTERED trust for the benifit of this World

That the objects of the Trust are the following : PATH SHALLA, GOW SHALLA, YAGYA SHALLA

The theme will be to provide knowledge to the people for Veda, Purana, Granthas along with present education as per govt. curriculum. The govt. body/education ministry will also be approached to accord permission in this sphere. All the elements will generate healthy and true nationality amongs them.

Also To construct School for the needy people who are unable to get education.

Also To construct College for the needy people who are unable to get education. Apart from it there will be hostel to stay the students who intend to stay over there. Thus the educational institute will be covered with boarding and lodging.

To serve cows by creating space for Gowshala as well as seek help from the Govt./concerned department whenever necessary.

To construct Temple for the purpose of Yagya/Hawans and religious activities and may also been use for the purposse of marriages for the needy who cant afford marriage halls, in other words it will be worship place.

Sanatan Gurukul is a platform where you can get most of the Sanatan Epics in musical (mp3) and PDF forms.

By Gods grace we can share Sanatan Granths in MP3 Audio, PDF and trying our best to distribute the SANATAN Sanskriti to accross the world. We are here to serve the WORLD with SANATAN epics Granths to make everyone benifitied.

By GODs grace We have most of the Puran, Ved,UP Ved, Vedang, Vedant, Durga Saptshati, Upnishads,  Valmiki Ramayan, Ram Charit Manas Paath (written by Tulsidas ji), Bhagwat Katha, Vrat Kathayein, Kathayein, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Sundar Kand, Bhajan, Aarti, Chalisa, Kirtan, Durga Saptashati, Mahabharat Katha, Kabir Sagar, Choupaiya, etc.

Ayurved, Charak sahinta , is the need of the hour for whole world and the same can also be downloaded from our web site.

By Gods Grace some Sanatan courses are also available as per the Sanatan Methodology, which may benifit with the practice of the said courses. 

These all Granths are availalbe for FREE download from our website.

We have all these Granths in various languages too.

SANATAN DHARM is the best process to find the Aadhyatma and our collection may helps you to get knowledge of our ethical, moral, social duties  and the foremost duty, to feel the GOD.

This is free of cost download, so please make optimum utilazation of the SANATAN GRANTHS, by seeking incridebile guidance from SANATAN GRANTHS.

With best regards

Sanatan Gurukul Team



Our Mission & Vision

Sanatan Gurukul mission and vision is to share the Sanatan methodology and to reach every one who is in need and curious for Sanatan Methodology.....

Why Choose Us?

What is science? True knowlge or Modrenization?

If your answer is True knowlege, then choose Sanatan methodology, 

As True knowledge Covers all aspects of ancient, present, modren, future, which if implemented can be helpful in achieving our Goals.... 

Sanatan Gurukul